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      海外 Overseas

      Create a global animal protein industry chain
      宾西海外 —— 打造全球化动物蛋白产业链

      为满足世界范围内不断扩大的肉产品需求,宾西集团实行新西兰“双岛战略”,除了在北岛拥有纳皮尔天然牧场,在新西兰南岛投资奥马鲁和蓝天肉业两大离岸工厂。年屠宰肉牛 20 万头、羊 200 万头。同时,宾西在新西兰建立了自己的产业链 BX Food,并建立开发了完全集成的网络解决方案,将优质的新西兰牛羊肉带到了世界各地。
      In order to meet the growing demand for meat products worldwide, Binxi Group has implemented the New Zealand "Double Island Strategy". In addition to owning the Napier Natural Ranch in the North Island, it also invests in Oamaru and Blue Sky Meat in the South Island of New Zealand, two offshore factories. 200,000 beef cattle and 2 million sheep are slaughtered annually. At the same time, Bincy established its own industrial chain BX Food in New Zealand, and established and developed a fully integrated network solution, bringing high-quality New Zealand beef and mutton to all over the world.

      Oamaru lean meats

      南岛东海岸的奥玛鲁(Oamaru)肉业工厂,成立于 2006 年,占地面积 17.3 英亩(约 7 公顷)。2014 年,宾西集团对其实施全资收购,向全世界消费者供应优质牛、羊肉产品,2019 年,工厂年产值达 6亿元。 如今,BX Foods 继续培养 Oamaru 的肉类行业传统,践行产品创新的承诺。通过不断把握最新全球食品趋势,BX Foods 已迅速成为新西兰发展最快的农业公司之一。
      The Oamaru meat factory on the east coast of the South Island, established in 2006, covers an area of 17.3 acres (about 7 hectares). In 2014, the Binxi Group implemented a wholly-owned acquisition to supply high-quality beef and mutton products to consumers around the world. In 2019, the factory's annual output value will reach 600 million yuan. Today, BX Foods continues to cultivate Oamaru's meat industry traditions and fulfill its commitment to product innovation. By constantly grasping the latest global food trends, BX Foods has quickly become one of New Zealand's fastest growing agricultural companies.

      Blue sky meats

      蓝天肉业工厂位于新西兰南岛,成立于 1986 年,占地面积 321 英亩(约 130 公顷)。2017 年,宾西集团对其完成收购。2019 年,蓝天工厂年产值达 8 亿元。
      The Blue Sky Meat Factory is located in the South Island of New Zealand. It was established in 1986 and covers an area of 321 acres (about 130 hectares). In 2017, the Binxi Group completed its acquisition. In 2019, the annual output value of Lantian Factory will reach 800 million yuan.


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